The Best Way To Track Cholesterol ImprovementsOne of the most crucial parts of lowering your cholesterol is keeping tabs on your levels. It’s as important to check your cholesterol levels as it is to eat the right foods and take the right supplements.

If you don’t know if your diet is working, you may be at greater risk of heart attack and stroke as the clock ticks. It’s very possible that you could be trying out the wrong things in your new diet. As a result, your LDL levels may actually be increasing.

Checking your own cholesterol is more cost efficient and quicker than the alternatives. The most accurate alternative is to go to the doctor’s office and get tested. But that involves driving there, paying more and getting your insurance company involved. All in all, it can be a huge hassle.

You could put off getting tested and assume your levels are improving. But that’s a dangerous thing to do – especially if you’re not sure if your new way of lowering your levels is working.


The Best Way To Track Cholesterol

The quickest and most efficient method of testing your cholesterol is to do it yourself with an analyzer. The Cardio Chek Cholesterol Analyzer kit is ideal for this. The kit includes:

  • the analyzer
  • 3 total cholesterol strips
  • 3 HDL level strips
  • 3 triglyceride strips
  • 9 capillaries
  • 9 lancets

It’s quick and easy to draw the blood for the tests, and the analyzer gives fast, accurate readings. Refills are available for about $40, and include the same amount of strips, capillaries, and lancets that the basic kit comes with.

There are no test strips included to test for the amount of LDLs in your blood. But here’s a simple formula that you can use to get it:

LDL = Total Cholesterol – HDL – (0.2)(Triglycerides)

Once you plug in those numbers you’ll be able to see your total LDL count.

The Cardio Chek Analyzer is cost efficient, quick, simple, and most importantly, accurate. It gives results within about 10 units of actual lab results on average, which is a very fair margin of error.

It should be noted that the analyzer does not test for ketones or glucose, but it gets the bare basics done just fine.

Everything that you would need to do a quick home check-up on your cholesterol is available to you with the Cardio Chek Analyzer.

If you want to keep an eye on your cholesterol levels it is well worth the investment. This will help you stay on track with your new diet and make changes fast.